Remembrance Wall

This mural, the largest in Washington State was conceived and painted in 2005. It was painted by a Portland group called SubM2. The intention was to coordinate with Celebrate Freedom, the event to honor WW2 veterans.

The structure of the artwork was partly a time continuum, partly geographic bookended by posters showing the beginning and end of the individual veteran’s sacrifice.

The East end features recruiting posters including the famous Uncle Sam one from WW1. This is followed by scenes from the European area during WW2 including D Day. The contributions by civilians on the home front is recognized by scenes from Vancouver’s Kaiser shipyard followed by the Pacific theater including the sinking of Vancouver’s St Lo. George Marshall represents the bridge between the US and Europe.

Vietnam is complete; Korea and Iraq await images.

In 2005 we ran a competition among Vancouver School District students for the best posters honoring Veterans. We recognized winners by publishing them in the booklet explaining the images on the wall but have not managed to paint them at the West end of the wall so far.

We produced a booklet detailing the history behind the images as well as other related stories that we did not paint.

In 2007 we received a donation to complete the Remembrance Wall. A few days later we found out that BNSF will be building a new wall in front of the present one in approximately 3 years. We have decided to delay work, except for damage caused by a fire, until the future of this structure is clear.

Total Wall when complete = 630 Feet


358 Phil Arnold Way
Vancouver, WA

Year Completed