Joyo Tribute

Painted by Cimmaron Brodie in 2018

1011 Main Street, East Wall (Back Wall)

An effort initiated by Vancouver and Joyo Rotary clubs, Joyo, Japan and Vancouver, Washington officially became “Sister Cities” in October of 1985. An early wish of the Clark County Mural Society was to have a mural commemorating this special relationship. In 2018 it became a reality.

Symbols in the image, from the top left and moving clockwise around the art:

  • Adoni Plum Blossoms – Found everywhere in Joyo, placed in the hand to represent the gift of Shirofugen Cherry Trees from Joyo planted at Clark College. A gift from John Kageyama, President of American Kotobuki Electronics, Inc., to celebrate 100 years of Washington statehood. The trees were planted at Clark Community College and their blossoms bring in the Sakura Festival in Vancouver. This is also symbolic of people holding the power to grow or gift.
  • Egrets – Are prevalent both here and in Joyo. Joyo’s official website says “They are symbols of environmental conservation and the coexistence of nature with humans.”
  • Japanese Pine Tree
  • Actual Archway in Joyo
  • Irises – Prevalent here and in Joyo
  • Japanese phrase approved by the Mayor of Joyo. Translated as “Bridge across the ocean, friends forever.”
  • Stylized ocean water common in Japanese art
  • Reversed I-5 bridge