Pearson Annex Special Project

2019 Theme: Aeronautics

The Clark County Mural society will partner up with the owner of the Irongate Storage building to facilitate a new mural on the south side of the building. The theme should reflect the aeronautical history and association of the Pearson Airfield.

Artists wishing to participate will submit a full colored sketch with a minimum of a paragraph as explanation of the mural concept. The submission will include the paint requirements and the artist fees.

Submission to include artist name, email, and phone number by entry deadline of May 15th, 2019.

It is important that each competitor research facts and accuracy of their design concept. CCMS emphatically encourages all artists to employ their imagination and creativity full force — the end result is not meant to be a textbook history lesson. The idea is creative, colorful, inventive interpretations of the rich history and cultural development of the community.

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Submission Deadline

May 15th, 2019

Wall Location

Wall 1

2410 E 5th St – Irongate Storage South Wall (Grey Wall area)