Invest in Mural Arts

Creating a greater appreciation of the visual arts and our historical roots while establishing the face and identity of Vancouver, Washington it is our dedication and enthusiasm for this project that we hope you will embrace with your support.

The 2019 Projects have been announced. Visit the 2019 Summer of Murals  page for details about our International Corridor project and the 2019 Special Project: Pearson Annex.


Want to learn more about the community and meet interesting involved people? Being part of the Clark County Mural Society offers an opportunity to put your talent and life skills to use. Be an active participant in this vibrant community by supporting the Mural Society’s mission the creation of art that transforms public space and individual lives in our community.

Here are a just few of the ways to you can be a part of this dynamic organization:

History Research • Board Membership • Fund Raising
Mural Maintenance • Walks/Tours Support • Social Media • Grant Writing • Project Planning/Organizing • Event Organizing • Etc.

Money & Materials

Each year we fund through private donations the creation of murals around Vancouver and Clark County. Our mission would not be possible without the generous material and monetary donations from local businesses.

Needed Supplies

Pain Brushes and Rollers • Drop Cloths • Ladders
Scaffolding • Scissors Lifts

Mural Space

What building owner doesn’t want a mural on their building? Murals have become a unique and appealing way of increasing tourism and improving commerce. Clark County Mural Society has been working toward a vision of artistic identity and cultural richness in Vancouver, Washington since 2004. We currently have thirteen murals to date, with a much larger vision.

Please join us in pictorially preserving and celebrating the art, history and culture of Vancouver while increasing the charm and character of our city for residents and visitors alike.