Committee Chiefs

CCMS is organized around five major activities. These committees are chaired by board members. Volunteers are integral to our success and fill vital functions on the committees and sub-committees.

Responsible for activities that build the strength of the organization.

Three sub-committees

  • Fundraising
  • Events
  • Grants

This committee keeps us on track with legal and rule matters. Prepares the annual reports necessary to maintain our non-profit status and ensures with abide with our by-laws. Usually busiest at end of year and beginning of new year.

Managing the user and public experience online and in messaging. The committee chair oversees activities of three other sub-committees.

This committee periodically visits and monitors the conditions of the existing murals. Responsible for ensuring protective coatings are applied to new murals. Takes care of murals and notes the site conditions. Arranges repairs or clean up of defaced or damaged murals.

The committee chair, also known as the Project Manager Supervisor, heads the work of four sub-committees. This position is busy all year, but especially in spring and summer.

  • Project Manager, Summer of Murals
  • Project Manager, Special Projects (may be more than one position)
  • Project Manager, Mini-Murals
  • Volunteer Coordinator